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Candleberry Candle Co.

Jar Candles & Scented Wax Cake Tarts

One of the strongest & best smelling candles you will ever find.....

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 Jar Candles @ $25.00
26 oz. 

Cake Tarts @ $8.00
4.5 oz.

Apple Brown Betty
A delightfully sweet and sour apple pastry straight out of the bakery oven. Your home will be absolutely delicious with rich, powerful fragrance with this power-packer!

Bamboo & Linen -
Gorgeously green, clean, tropical accords of cut bamboo and giant banana tree leaves dripping with cool Bird of Paradise and lily-perfumed crystal waters. This is a fantastical, clean and smoothly bold summer blend. It's a complete house filler and a total favorite for our lovers of the beautifully perfumed candles. If there were one candle in the world that you might like to wear as a perfume, this would be it!

Black Cashmere
Black Cashmere is a perfect blend of patchouli-lavender and woody spices. This is a romantic evening fragrance, geared toward men, is reminiscent of a high-end men's cologne. Fill the car with this masculine, clean and fresh scent!

Bourbon Mason Jar Cake 
This scent encapsulates memories of cake-crafting with exquisitely aged Kentucky Bourbon and a recipe for sugar-cream, glazed marble-cake. It is an absolutely gorgeous, warm chocolate and vanilla swirled cake, drenched with a sweet bubbling bourbon glaze. NOTE: Not edible!

Bourbon Roasted Pecans
A quaint aroma of sugared, Bourbon basted pecans caramelizing to a sweet, desert-worthy perfection. This fragrance is absolutely identical to the smell of real Bourbon roasted pecans at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival!

Cactus Flower -
The colorful blooms of the desert prickle resonate with fresh aromas, combining orange and herbal scents with tonka bean, amber and musk. This exciting blend takes you to the land of big skies and unending landscapes, freshening its surroundings throughout the house.

Carolina Sugar Cane Mist
A sweet, sleepy, wonderful fragrance that draws you in with its cool herbal overtones.

Cinnamon Broomstick -
Strong and Spicy! Just like the old cinnamon soaked, twig broom that mom used to hang on the wall!

Cinnaswirl Latte
Coffee and rum compete for your attention while the scents of maple, cinnamon, vanilla and musk join in. This impossible blend of fragrances puts warmth back into the cooling chills of fall and the winter to come. Let this candle set the mood for friends to gather around and families to celebrate.

Cranberry Crumb Cake -
Deep, tart, juicy cranberries and crumbles. This scent is a super powerful, uplifting cranberry scent that may make your mouth water. But don't eat the candle!

Creme Brulee -
A rich and velvety fragrance worthy of the crème brulee name. Take hold of your senses with the delicious aroma of warm custard covered in a wonderful sugar glaze.

Dreamsicle Cake Pop -
Creamy deliciousness enveloped by a sparkling crisp, icy orange crust. Return to the experience you had when you were a child and you first bit into that cold, creamy orangy yumminess!

Flowering Indian Pine -
If we could call any one of the Candleberry fragrance, "Clean House", this would be it! This fragrance is a total power-house, featuring crisp, clean notes of Siberian fir needle, agave leaves, exhilarating citrus and rosewood (among others). It will COMPLETELY consume your entire space with fragrance! We've been told this could be the next Hot Maple Toddy. That said, be warned, this is NOT a bakery smell. It is beautiful, glorious, pretty pine!

Fresh Lavender -
Freshly picked Mediterranean lavender. It's powerfully calming, cool and perfectly perfumed enough to make your space a calming concentration location.

Friendship Tea
Friendship Tea is a powerful combination of warm mulling spices and refreshing iced orange tea. It is one of the first candles we made at the Candleberry Candle Company and by popular demand it is still here today

Frosted Blueberry Donuts -
This warm, donut, bakery aroma is slightly blueberry, slightly spiced and dripping with bakeshop glaze. Filled with the fragrance of sweet confection. Candleberry has worked on this one for years and finally has a donut scent that would be perfectly at home in your favorite neighborhood bakery.  

Harvest Sugar Cookie
Buttery and crumbly, covered in sugar and dusted with just a little warm, sweet spice to make a sugar cookie hybird fragrance. It's a perfect, powerful sugar cookie fragrance.

Hawaiian Pineapple -
When you twist the peeler until the rough hide of a fresh pineapple pulls free of the fruit inside, a sweet, tangy smell that you can nearly taste, erupts from the core. Experience the same with a Candleberry Hawaiian Pineapple Scented Candle..

Himalayan Mist -
A bright summery effervescent beverage-like fragrance with notes of yuzu, pink grapefruit, red raspberry, apricot and tarragon. Mix in lily of the valley and watermelon for an experience of excitement that is both desert and island all at once.

Honey Buttered Rolls
A soft, buttery, golden crust, drenched in the warm glaze of cinnamon dashed honey will fill your home with the flavor and the feel of homemade honey buttered yeast rolls. That's the ultimate in comfort food!

Honeysuckle -
Honeysuckle grows just outside our back door. As children of the south, honeysuckle wasn't just a powerful lingering summer scent. It was the food of bees and children. We spent hour upon hour ducking past the bees to share in gathering honey, pulling nectar from the buds just to have the tiny taste of the amazingly sweet experience! Candleberry Honeysuckle is an exact match, true to the sweetest honeysuckle. A true fresh spring and summer scent

Hot Maple Toddy
Maple honey. Grandma used to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this candle ever cure your senses! Get ready for the best candle ever.

Juicy Macintosh
It's just that. It's a big, red, delicious, juicy macintosh apple.

Kentucky Bourbon
Bourbon distillers such as Wild Turkey, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels carry our Kentucky Bourbon® brand (or line) in their gift shops in one form or another. The scent includes caramel, vanilla, and just a touch of seasoning from the barrels used to age Bourbon. Totally intoxicating but legal.

Lemon Lavender Angel Food
Lavender has a particular affinity for anything from ice cream to custards and butter-rich frostings. Like vanilla, lavender adds just a little something perfect to any pudding, cake or meringue, together with varieties of lemon or honey. This scent is a delicate Lemon Angel Food Cake topped with a whipped lemon cream and sprinkled with vibrant layers of sweet English, culinary lavender It smells just as perfect as it sounds. Not too specific to any part of the confection but very clearly a delicacy of sweet, lavender, citrus, honey, vanilla, creamy wonderful, space perfecting fragrance!

Lemongrass Essential Oil 
Over the centuries, lemongrass has been used in cooking, soaps and oils. Lemongrass began being cultivated and distilled for its exceptional aromatic properties in Kerala, India, in the late 1800s. The effect of lemongrass on the senses is said to be calming, renewing, refreshing and inspiring. We chose this as Candleberry's first essential oil candle specifically for its powerful fragrant properties. Renew, refresh and inspire your space with the "just cleaned" fragrance of powerful lemongrass.

Marshmallow & Embers 
Take a walk back to childhood as the rich fragrance of toasted marshmallow mingles with the smells of charred firewood and vanilla bean. The campfire has just begun to flicker as evening descends and stories begin to tempt the imagination.

Highly concentrated mulberry, made from the very choicest of mulberry scents. A stunning scent presentation from among the most ancient of candle scents.

Papaya Cilantro
As an excess of erupting volcanic lava whittles our world's supply of Papaya, we salute the fruit with this powerful Papaya-fresh fragrance. Papaya is the fresh, vibrant queen of all luscious fruits, coveted for creating anything from smoothies to sparkling summer salsa. We've found the very best combination of herbs with this bright fruits to be crisp, clean, summer cilantro. This particular fragrance will fill the house, creating a perfectly fresh and inviting seasonal atmosphere.

Pink Sugar
This is a sweet, intoxicating blend of fluffy pink sugary fragrance with notes of vanilla and fig.

Praline Dreams -
A gorgeous two-layered candle scented with sugar-coated, caramel-soaked pralines. It's one of our most requested candles, and is indescribably, powerfully good.

Pumpkin Praline Waffle -
Imagine it's a lazy weekend morning and you've just gone into the kitchen following the warm rich smells that fill the air. There's the smell of pumpkin, that rich pie smell, punctuated by sugared pecans. Together they make waffles that are waiting for the butter and the maple syrup and the start of a perfect day.

Red Velvet Cupcake
A silky rich mix of powdered sugar, cream cheese frosting, cake batter, vanilla sugar, buttercream, custard, cocoa powder and dark vanilla bean.

Rose Water -
What a simple luxury rose water may seem but in reality, it's a gold mine for the living tissue, body and brain alink. Rose water is used as an elixir for aging skin, mood enhancement, a delicate, anti-inflammatory for soft, young skin and a wonder-bath for stress relief. Enhance your entire space with this rose water fragrance as an uplifting, relaxing atmosphere-maker, perfect for a full day of personal pampering.

Sea Salt & Surf
You’re practically on the boardwalk when you experience this beautiful and clean mix of all fragrances ocean-breeze. The salt in the sand, the sea, the dry coconut air and the sounds of the surrounding environment even add to the experience.

Sedona Sunrise
A landscape of orange, red, yellow and bright pink painted sky. A Sedona sunrise is yours with the blend of bergamot, jasmine, agave, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood,. This candle presents a collection of nature's most appealing scents from the desert floor to its warm, clay mountain heights.

Spring Beans
There was a moment in time, in the mountains of Kentucky, when a grandmother, descendant of the Kentucky Creek Indians, shared her knowledge of what Kentuckians call "shuck beans." Each year, her family gathers to break beans and share conversation, making memories while preparing a bushel for drying. The old grandmother takes the broken beans to the sun, spreading them on a white sheet to dry. As the beans turn golden in the sun, her delicate hand pushes the beans around, making the sound of a light rain sprinkling. Candleberry's Spring Beans commemorates this Kentucky family tradition, hoping to capture these beautiful warm-weather family moments.

Fall Festival -
A delicious trio of amazing fragrances that are particularly delightful during the fall months, featuring sweet potato pie, buttercream cake, and candy apple

Figgy Pudding

Habanero Sweet Jam -

Moonlit Hayride -

Moonlit Snowfall -


By purchasing a Candleberry Candle, you agree to adhere to all candle burning safety instructions and general, common, prudent safety practices. During shipping, candles can be tossed and tumbled vigorously. When you receive your candle, always check the glass for flaws or cracks prior to lighting. Do not burn your candle if flaws or cracks in the glass are detected. Never burn your candle on or near combustible materials. Always burn your candle in or on a non-combustible surface or container large enough to safely contain heated or burning wax overflow. Always trim your wick to ¼” or less before and during the burn. Burn within site. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from things that burn. Keep away from children. Keep wicks trimmed to ¼ inch. Do not burn close to water. (If water touches hot glass, the glass can burst) Keep wick centered in the candle container and free of debris. Do not burn in drafty areas. Trim wick multiple times during extended burning. Check your candle frequently for trimming needs. Stop burning candle when there is ½” of wax remaining in your jar and discard.